Wholesale 3mm (US size 2) 1 Pair Beaded Bamboo Knitting Needles/Crochet Hook

Funky Needles Limited

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Choose your length and bead end to make your perfect pair of needles.

All needles are bespoke and made to order so feel  free to order any of the beads that are available for the needle size (not all of the beads fit all the sizes, so if the bead you have fallen in love with is not on the list for this size, please don’t be downhearted, there are plenty more to choose from).

We have a massive range of beads displayed in our Bead Options tab, or if you already know what you would like choose from the options above.

 WE HAVE ALL OUR BEAD OPTIONS ON ONE PRODUCT NOW SO ALL BEADED NEEDLES/HOOKS FOR THIS SIZE ARE HERE! HOWEVER, WE ARE STILL WORKING ON BEING ABLE TO SHOW YOU THE BEAD, SO FOR A SHORT WHILE PLEASE HAVE A LOOK THROUGH THE PICTURES TO FIND YOUR CHOICE (they will not automatically appear as like our other products as we have so many options, we are sorry and we are working really hard to rectify this, but please feel free to be able to buy them all the same, if you need any help please do ask!)



If you belong to a knitting group or take your knitting out and about with you then these are definitely for you! wait for people to ask 'where did you get those from?' as I guarantee no one will have ever seen these before. They are unique, beautiful and extremely light...go on treat yourself!


Why bamboo?

Bamboo is great as its very smooth and the more you use them the smoother they become. bamboo is great also for people who suffer from arthritus and similar problem with the hands as the needle warms up to the touch. they are also great for those who have family who really dislike hearing the click clicking of needles whilst they're trying to watch tv or relax.

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