Hand Made Wrist Pin Cushions

Funky Needles Limited

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These are beautiful hand-made wrist pin cushions, useful for sewing and knitting.
We have made them with various materials in your favourite designs.
The elastic on the wrist is white as is the underside of the cushion, except for the tape measures and keyboard where the material and elastic are black. When you receive your cushion it might feel slightly tight but we make them this way as the elastic will relax after a couple of uses to the size of your wrist.
There is a beautiful edging around the middle of the cushion but this does not affect the practicality of the item.
They measure 6.5cm across and fit the wrist perfectly. The elastic is about 11cm but is stretchy enough to allow most wrist sizes, if you require something in a different size please let us know and we can make them accordingly.
We have loads of different designs so please see pictures to the left  and please remember these are hand made so the pin cushion might not be exactly the same as the one on the picture but it is made with the correct material just possibly a different part of the pattern.

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