Full Set Of Needles 18 Pairs + Case & Accessories

Funky Needles Limited

Regular price £27.99

If you love our needles  why not buy the whole set. You get loads of items free and save money on the needles themselves.


This item make a fantastic present for someone, or even yourself, go treat yourself, you know you're worth it!


Needle Sets.

Sets include

  • 18 pairs of needles (one of each size in which ever length you choose)
  • Case of your choice
  • 2 pairs of needle protectors (small and large)
  • Row counters (small and large
  • 2 sets of stitch markers
  • wrist pin cushion to match your case


Here's a breakdown of the savings


23cm length price                              

£62.82 down to £39.99 saving you £22.83 on normal price 

33cm length price

£71.82 down to £58.99   saving you £12.83 on normal price



18 pairs of needles

One case £7.99 - free with set

2 pairs needle point protectors £2.98 - free with set

2 row counters £2.98 - free with set

2 sets of stitch markers £3.98 - free with set

Total for free items £17.93                                 


So basically you will be saving £17.93 on accessories and £12.83 on the needles making a grand saving overall of £35.76!!


If you feel this saving is for you then please feel free to choose your length and the case you would like and leave the rest up to us.


All needles will have different beads on each pair.




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