Circular and Double Pointed Needles

Funky Needles Limited

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Not every piece of knitting (or knitter) needs the straight needles, sometimes circular and double pointed needles are needed (or preferred).


We stock all sizes of circulars and double pointed needles, these of course are bamboo and are mainly a darker wood for strength, commonly known as carbonized.


Pick the size and length you require, at present our circulars are 40cm, 60cm and 80cm, these sizes are from tip to tip, so that's the length of the needles and the tube included.


The double pointed are currently only available in the 13cm length and come in packs of 5 needles, more than enough to knit socks, sleeves or anything else you need them for. We are looking at possibility of of stocking a longer length in the future so if you need longer needles then please let us know.


Pick the size and the length you require from the drop-down lists.

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