Christmas Stitch Markers

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Want to jazz up your Christmas, or buy a small gift for that knitting addict friend who is impossible to buy for? We have the perfect stitch markers for you.


Stitch markers are an essential part of knitting and remember those times when you get to THAT point in the pattern when you need them and don't have them? Yes we've all been there but those times are over.


Our stitch markers are not made in the usual way, we poke the wire into the bead so there are no sharp ends to catch your wool. 


All the stitch markers have beads on the end of them and are easy to spot in your knitting. We have local customers who come to fairs we frequent at Chrstmas, just to buy our stitch markers.

The markers come on a key ring so you don't lose them as they often fall down the sides of sofas and such like.


No two sets are the same, the pictures show an example of the markers, colours may vary slightly.


Choose from small rings (2mm-5mm) or large rings (5.5mm-10mm)

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