Carnival Needle and Stitch Marker Gift Set

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Carnival gift set

We have put together our ever popular carnival needles and stitch markers to match.

The needles are 23cm in length and 4mm in size, you will receive a set of 5 small stitch markers also. Save money and buy together - a perfect gift for Christmas for someone who loves knitting, or even for yourself, yes we need to treat ourselves as well.

The patterns vary, if you have a specific request on the colour of the needle beads please do let us know




Why bamboo?

Bamboo is great as its very smooth and the more you use them the smoother they become. bamboo is great also for people who suffer from arthritis and similar problem with the hands as the needle warms up to the touch. they are also great for those who have family who really dislike hearing the click clicking of needles whilst they're trying to watch tv or relax.




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