Funky Needles Near You

Naturally being based in the UK most of our customers are here, but not all of them. See the maps below and find out if in fact there are Funky Needles near you. We ship world wide and always will.

On the maps below you can see 2 different colour markers, the red markers are private customers from our website and international customers from other platforms as well.

The blue markers show the location of wholesale customers so if you run a business and there is not a blue marker near you it may be worth finding out what is involved to become the only seller in your area who stocks Funky Needles (it's very easy)


Please note, these are not virtual maps they are pictures of our maps so you will not be able to view information on the markers (this is done for customer confidentiality)


World Map




England Wales and Ireland (this is some of our more recent sales its impossible to show them all)


United Kingdom




North America and Canada


South America


Asia, Australia and New Zealand