Design Your Needles

We want you to have the perfect needles for you, needles that reflect your taste and personality.


Choose your needle size


There are 2 steps to designing your needles and hooks once you are on the desired size 


1. Choose your length


Our crochet hooks come in one length 15cm


Our knitting needles come in 3 lengths

  • 13cm

  • 23cm

  • 33cm


We work fully in CM's so please don't get the little needles confused with the big ones. 13cm is NOT 13"


Our sizes are listed in the metric size format, so an old size 8 is the new 4mm, please see chart below for more information and help.






2 Choose your bead

Check on our Bead Options page where we have all our beads along with quick links through to the right size pages (great for those who are buying a gift or those who just love the bead and make up their mind there and then.


It's as simple as that.


The pricing is based on the length of your needles, the price shown on the page is the base price, when you change the length it will show below the options how much extra it is for this length, for example, you click on a pair of bamboo knitting needles, choose the length crochet hook and the price is £2.49, the same as the base price, you make it a 13cm pair of needles and the price will show extras have been added of  50p because this option is 50p more expensive so it makes a total of £2.99.


When you proceed to checkout the postage is added then. Our postage costs are shown in the Help And Advice  section.


Any problems please please message us and ask, our response times are usually within 30 mins during working hours.