About Us

At Funky Needles we are a small family run Business, comprising of me, Lis, my daughter Jade, my mum Patricia and on occasions my friend Sam. We based based in the UK, in East Sussex by the coast.

    The business was started in September 2012. I was fed up with boring needles and even more fed up of sitting watching the men/boys playing on computer games so decided to make my own set of needles. After many attempts of getting the formula right I found a way to secure the beads onto the needles in a way that they would stay...and they did!


    Everybody commented on how lovely they were and also how strong they were so it was decided that Funky Needles should be formed. from then until now we have sold over 50,000 pairs of needles to customers all over the world on our other website and also on eBay and Etsy. We have been seen out and about also at craft fairs in East Sussex.


    When we first started the business we had 2 different length needles and 2 bead choices, now over 2 years later there are 4 lengths (including crochet hooks) and over 100 variations of bead, letting us have over 6,000 variations for you to buy.


    Funky Needles started off in a humble fashion with having a tray allocated to it, now we have a full office/workshop. since this picture was taken we have added 2 large workstations and about 6 more trolleys for beads.




    Wholesale Work


    Over the last 14 months we have built up the wholesale side of the business and this includes businesses from all over the world, currently we have wholesale buyers in 

    • Australia
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • America
    • Canada
    • Wales
    • Scotland







    We supply a knitting school franchise based in Edinburgh, Knitting for All Limited, who have Franchise's all over Edinburgh and all the way up to Aviemore in the Highlands.







    If you are a business owner and are interested in stocking our needles please go to the wholesale tab for more information.