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Crochet Charm Bumper Keyrings Sets - Includes 10 Hooks, 4 Keyrings and Case

Funky Needles Knitting Boutique

Regular price £24.99

To match our jewellery range we have created crochet charms that fit onto the top of our crochet hooks.


The keyring's are great as it's a common problem of loosing hooks as they are small and singular, those days have gone you will always be able to find your hook with these gorgeous charms attached. 

The hooks have a small ring where you attach the kingring and also take off to use if required.


We have created each of the colour ranges and then you choose your favourite charm, we then make them up especially to your requirements and send them to you.


 Please note it is unlikely that these charms will fit other hooks so please bear this in mind when ordering (for example, buying a charm you will need one of our hooks to put it on, on the other hand you might want 4 charms and 1 hook depending on your needs.


This listing is for 10 hooks size 3-8mm 4 keyrings of your choice and a case of your choice, the perfect gift for Christmas crocheters!.


If you bought them separately the cost would be as follows

10 x hooks = £24.90

4 x Keyrng's = £7.96

1 x crochet backpack x £5.99


Grand Total = £38.85


We are offering this bumper set for £28.99 saving you £9.86! Grab a bargain and get an awesome gift for that crocheter or for yourself!

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