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Winnie the Pooh Knitting Needles and Wrist Pin Cushion Gift Set

Funky Needles Limited

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Looking for that great gift for someone who loves crafts?

We have put together our teddy needles size 4mm 23cm length with our Winnie the Pooh wrist pin cushions.

The price includes both items

We are offering these two items at a reduced price and you will be saving  if you bought them together

Please check out our other listing for many more designs and all these designs are also available on our other gift listings, so many to offer they will not fit on one!




If you belong to a knitting group or take your knitting out and about with you then these are definitely for you! wait for people to ask 'where did you get those from?' as I guarantee no one will have ever seen these before. They are unique, beautiful and extremely light...go on treat yourself!




Why bamboo?

Bamboo is great as its very smooth and the more you use them the smoother they become. bamboo is great also for people who suffer from arthritus and similar problem with the hands as the needle warms up to the touch. they are also great for those who have family who really dislike hearing the click clicking of needles whilst they're trying to watch tv or relax.




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